Sunday, August 9, 2015


The first few days of school have come and gone. They were full of excitement and exhaustion and we are spending the weekend recuperating.

The girls had a great beginning to their school year. We ADORE their teachers and we are incredibly grateful for not just what they will teach them this year, but how they will love them through these first school years. My girls already feel noticed, special, and loved. I couldn't asked for more as a mama. 

We took lots of first day pictures. Next year, we will dress up and act like we are going to school the night before so that I hopefully won't misspell anything on the signs again. We were in a crazy rush and I was trying to make a chalkboard sign at 7am, to get out of the door by 7:05...not a good combo. 

My beautiful babies...


I can't show you the rest of Lily's sign for the reasons stated above.  :)

When I was looking through the first day pictures that evening, I got pretty sentimental, so I have to share some other first day pics. Isn't it amazing how quickly kids grow and has fast the years fly by?

                                                            Happy back to school! :)

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