Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What a gift she is...

Today is my Lily Rain's last day to be a five year old. My oldest baby is turning six tomorrow, and I simply cannot believe it. She was the only one of our three that we really "tried" for and ever since we found out we were expecting, she has changed our lives in the most extraordinary of ways.

She is our first. There is something about your first. Mamas, you know it's true. She is a mix of trial-and-error. She's over-protected, spoiled, and smothered with love. She's our first.

She is the most stubborn of our three, to say the least. This pattern began six years ago when her due date came and went and she showed no signs of wanting to come out on her own. I desperately wanted to go into labor on my own, and after two weeks of asking the doctor, "Can we wait just a few more days?" he finally told me no, and she was forced out of her comfort zone at 1:41pm on August 19, 2009. Things haven't changed much since then. She has to be talked into doing anything new, is the last to finish every meal, and doesn't want to leave anything undone.

She has the most tender heart of any child I've ever encountered. She is compassionate and full of mercy. She worries about those who are alone and always wants the score to be fair.

She is full of questions about her Maker and has a unique ability to understand the things of God. She is inquisitive, shy, tender, loving, giving, timid, needy, smart, whiney, beautiful, engaged, competitive, gracious, generous, stubborn, and much more than I deserve.

Words can not begin to describe what a gift she is to us. I'll never know why on earth God chose me. I feel completely under-qualified for the calling to be her mom, but I'm so thankful He is graciously allowing me to try.

We love you, Lily Rain. You are everything to us.

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