Friday, September 9, 2011

Things are changing around here

Well, LR started "school" this week. That's right, little bit started going to preschool 5 days a week for three hours everyday. This makes me very sad.

I believe that she is more than ready and is going to learn so much, but I still see her as my "baby". Russ and I got a little emotional the night before her first big day. We pulled out the pics and videos from her first few months at home and although it was just a few months ago, the sad part is that we can barely remember what she looked like as a newborn. 

She did really well for her first week. She was not a happy camper when we left her, but as each day progressed she has done incredibly well. Here are a few pics from that first day.

Her face in this picture describes her feelings exactly. "Mom, why are we here and why are you about to leave me in a room full of people I don't know?" That must be pretty traumatic for a little one. I mean, imagine being asked to play, share, sing, and talk with a group of people that you've never seen before. I would cry, too. 

Showing me her artwork from the 1st day. She was so proud of her "cotton balls". :)

This is our refrigerator after the first week. Yes, I WILL be one of those moms. Thank you very much.

So, after this emotional week for all of us I've just been constantly praying that the Lord would please help me to remember my children and everything about them being little. Lyla is a snuggler and when I was holding her yesterday morning, I just prayed and prayed that I wouldn't forget what she feels like in my arms.

Russ and I have been planning every weekend for about 3 months to move Lyla into her room. We have no power when it comes to her. Her poor little body can't even stretch out in the bassinet anymore and although she sleeps like a rock all night long, we can't bring ourselves to move her. I'm scared that when we finally do it, we will lose the last bit of "new" to her. Maybe we will just bring her crib our room?? There is just something incredibly wonderful about looking over in the night and seeing her sleeping peacefully. 

I love my babies and I pray that I cherish, enjoy, and soak up every day that I have with them. 

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