Wednesday, July 6, 2011

And so it begins...

I did something I shouldn't have done today...

I looked at a calendar.

Yes, I looked at a calendar and it made it clear that my time at home is ticking away. That makes me sad for two reasons.
1 - I haven't had nearly enough time with my girls and my summer "to-do's" are still piled way high.
2 - I haven't been to the school once and that makes me have a little panic attack inside because of the mountain of "to-do's" I have waiting for me there.

And so it begins...I printed supply lists, welcome letters, and lots of labels today. Three things out of a gazillion.

Progress, right?

Here is a new blog that my friend at Precious Perks introduced me to. This teacher, Mrs. Bainbridge, is my go-to source for all things cutesy!

On a happy note, this little love bug started sitting up by herself. Gosh, she is just the sweetest thing!!!

And here she is being "loved on" by her big sis!

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  1. Alison! Thanks for your comment. And welcome to blog world! It's fun here.

    Your girls are PRECIOUS. Hope your summer slows down and you can savor every last second at home with those babies!