Monday, October 17, 2011

My hubs=the philosopher

So, this man of mine is probably the smartest person I know.  Seriously. When we started dating, I would've NEVER imagined him to be in school pursuing a Master's degree in philosophy, of all things. He was/is the biggest goof-off I've ever known. But that Jesus of mine is in the transformation business, and that is exactly what He has done with Russ. He has stirred a strong passion and desire in his heart for philosophy and apologetics. Russ continually blows my mind with the things he says, reads, understands, and discovers. I'm very proud of him.

With all that said, he's created a little blog as a place to post his papers from his studies. If your into philosophy, you will LOVE his papers. I'm not. at. all. When Russ talks to me about this stuff, I normally just smile and nod. It goes completely over my head. But, he's also posted a little extra life stuff, so for those of you who are more like me, you might enjoy it, too.

He's titled it, Because I don't want to cut the grass..., and that couldn't be a better title.

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