Saturday, August 20, 2011

Our Little Lady Turns 2!

Yes, it's true. Our little lady, Lily Rain, turned two on Friday, August 19th. We celebrated with family by having a Pink Lemonade Party at my parent's pool today. Lily Rain had a great time and we were so thankful to see all of our loved ones there!

This little girl is the light of our lives I tell ya! She has more personality than I ever thought possible for a two year old. Everyday is an exciting adventure with her and with each passing day we love her more and more.

People tell you before you have kids, "Ahh, there's nothing like 'em". You usually smile and nod, but seriously friends, there is nothing as great as little children to fill a home. :)

I knew I would love her before she was born, but I truly believe that the love between parent and child is something supernatural. It is instant and amazing and unlike anything I've ever experienced.

The birth of Lily Rain completely changed my life, especially my perspective.
-The moment she was born, I wanted to apologize to my mother for the way I treated her growing up. I wanted to go back in time and live my teenage days with the understanding of how much my parents truly loved me.
-I think about my daughters all day long. Everything reminds me of them and I get this amazing feeling during the day just at the sight of their picture on my desk.
-I'm a completely different teacher now. Every child I see, I now see them as someone's little boy or girl.
-Most importantly, the Lord has shown me so much about how He loves me through my children. I understand more clearly about learning hard lessons, discipline, sacrifice, and love because I have children.

As crazy as life can be, as tired as I am, I wouldn't trade being a mother for anything in the world. It truly is the greatest blessing I've ever received. As another blogger stated so perfectly, "Yes, my hands are full, but so is my heart."

Happy Birthday Lily Rain! Being your mother is the greatest job in the world!

Here are some pics from her birthday weekend. Enjoy!
 Birthday Breakfast
 Sweet Bed-head enjoying her breakfast!
"I'm the Birthday Girl!"


The most adorable birthday banner! I wish you could see it better! My friend, Melanie, from Make It Personal made this for her. It truly was adorable and everyone talked about it.

 Sweet Lyla having a good time too!

P.S.  I wanted to share the idea for the party favors. I first found them here on Love From the Oven. They are cupcake pushpops. Very easy! Very cute! Very cheap! Enjoy!

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