Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Perfect Saturday

Well, today was just that. A perfect Saturday. I look forward to the weekends so much, especially during the summer. When I'm working, Saturday's are exhausting. I spend the entire morning cleaning, go to the grocery store while the girls nap, and then we usually squeeze in a dinner somewhere. But in the summers, ahh...Saturday's are marvelous. I have an extra set of hands because Russell is home. :) My house is already clean because I cleaned it during the week. So, summer Saturday's are so much more enjoyable. But today was icing on the cake - literally!

It began at 6:22am when Russ and Lily Rain called me into the kitchen. For those of you that think you would be cursing your husband for calling you into the kitchen that early, remember, we have two little bittys, so this is a very normal time for us. Anyway, I was called because a yummy breakfast of pancakes, eggs, coffee, and fruit were waiting for me. Perfect start to anyone's day! Husbands, if you want/need brownie points - make breakfast! But if you don't have kids, you should probably wait until 8:00 or 9:00am.

After breakfast was cleaned up, I grabbed my coupons and shopping list that I prepared Friday night and was off to collect groceries. After playing with two kiddos under 2 all week, I was really looking forward to this alone hour. So, I stopped by Voglesburg's, which is a local bakery, and grabbed a coffee. I LOVE their coffee because it is HUGE, $1, and they put just the right about of cream and sugar. This was also a wonderful experience for me because at 7:50am I was shopping at Publix with about 4 other people, including one older lady who still had her rollers in her hair. I was able to take my time, sip my coffee, and shop. Be jealous. This will now be a new summer Saturday routine for me.

Once I got back home, Russ and I unpacked the groceries and he decides we are going to Tanner's Beach. I laugh. For those of you that know the reputation of Tanner's Beach, well, enough said. For those of you that don't, think Saturday night at Wal-mart. Not that I'm any better than anyone else, but the same sort of "people" hang out at both places. But, considering that the weather was beautiful for the first time all week, I think "what the heck, let's go." It was fabulous!! Yes, there were a few characters to keep us entertained, but the girls loved it! The weather was gorgeous and Lily Rain played and played! Here are a few pics to highlight their enjoyment.

 She was so excited to be going!

This little lovie enjoyed it too! 

So, we head back home and the most wonderful event of all occurred - all 3, yes, ALL 3 of my loves took a nap. GLORIOUS! So, I truck it into the kitchen to get my bake on. Lily Rain will be two in August (tear). We are having a "lemonade and sunshine" party and I couldn't be more excited. But, because I spent a gazillion dollars on cupcakes last year, I thought I would try to make them myself. I wanted to give the recipe I found a spin first before I served something terrible to our guests come August. Well....these pink lemonade cupcakes turned out wonderful. The recipe is just a doctored up cake mix, but it calls for egg whites, which made it so light and moist! I found the recipe from Real Mom Kitchen and I recommend trying them. The frosting was equally as grand, but it made WAY more than needed, so I quickly cooked up some sugar cookies and made little sandwich cookies with the leftover frosting.

*Disclaimer: My photography skills are poo. My camera is poo, but it gets the job done.
 This is pretty much all you need for the cake - so easy and yum!

 It's hard to tell here, but the batter turned out the prettiest shade of pink.

Real Mom's Kitchen cupcakes are WAY higher on the cuteness scale than mine, but add a little straw and a candy lemon and they could be so cute! Plus, I don't have a fancy piping bag, just a good ol' ziploc.

We wrapped up this marvelous day with a trip to see the grandparents and let them try a cupcake! I hope your Saturday was just as great. If not, try starting it at Publix with me next week. :)

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