Thursday, October 13, 2011

Teacher Post: Freebies!

For my teacher pals:

I'm finishing up our unit on place value and money, so I and this little flippie as a final review for my kiddos. Here it is for you if you want it!

We are also studying stars and constellations. I created this flippie as a "study buddy" for them to write about the stars' size, brightness, and patterns in hopes that they will be able to tell me about them on the assessment (fingers crossed).

I hope you enjoy and that they make your lives a tad bit easier.

Stayed tuned, I just found a recipe for Reese's fudge pie and I might just have to make that this weekend. I'll be sure to post if I do. :)


  1. Hey Alison! Thanks. I am using the stars one on Monday! Just FYI--- I can't download from your blog. It says that I don;t have permission. Try going back to your Google Document and see if it says private-only you at the top. If so, change that to people with the link. Also---I'd put your name at the bottom so no one will attempt to sell it---I've read on a lot of teacher blogs that some ppl are selling other people's stuff. Sad!!

  2. Thanks so much Leigh! I hope I fixed it!!